Smart Summer On-the-Go Choices

June 15, 2010 - Posted by Joanna

The weather is getting warmer!  With summer practically here (this year’s summer solstice is June 21, 2010) and school being out, that typically means the same thing for most families - busy, busy, busy!  Kids are in different summer sports or programs, parents are at work, there are family trips, gatherings and barbeques! 

With all of this going on, a lot of people end up choosing to quickly grab food at the nearest fast food place. It can be hard to know which foods will be healthy choices, so I’ve compiled options for you to consider when you find yourself waiting in the drive-thru.

Original Choice = 1,370 total calories
Big Mac = 570 calories
Large Fries = 500 calories
Large Coke = 300 calories

Better Choice = 820 total calories
Double Cheeseburger = 440 calories
Medium Fries = 380 calories
Large Diet Coke = 0 calories

Best Choice = 410 total calories
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad = 220
Caesar Dressing = 190
Diet Coke = 0 calories

Original Choice = 1,620 total calories
12 Inch Meatball Sub on white bread = 1,120 calories
4 Triangles American Cheese = 80 calories
Cool Ranch Doritos, 1 ounce = 150
20 oz Mountain Dew = 270 calories

Better Choice = 720 total calories
12 Inch Turkey Sub on wheat bread = 560 calories
Light Mayo, 1 tablespoon = 50 calories
Lays Baked Original Chips, 1 ounce = 110 calories
Water = 0 calories

Best Choice = 395 total calories
6 Inch Turkey Sub on wheat bread = 280 calories
Deli Mustard = 5 calories
Lays Baked Original Chips, 1 ounce = 110 calories
Water = 0 calories

Just remember there is a time and place for everything.  If you LOVE a fast food restaurant, eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to shun it. Just make healthier choices and eat there a little less often. With that in mind, here’s to having a good (and busy) summer!

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