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January 17, 2012 - Posted by Sarah D-P

You are often limited in healthy options when going through a drive thru, but get a diet soda to counteract the rest of the calories you are about to consume. I know… I’ve been there, done that. That word ‘diet’ leads us to believe it is healthy, but on the contrary this is usually a misconception. According to new studies presented at the American Diabetes Association Scientific Sessions, drinking diet soda actually causes weight gain and blood sugar spikes.

There are many misleading marketing tactics that make us, the consumers, buy products for the fact of being the healthy. Having a brown, natural looking bag, must mean it’s organic or being ‘all-natural’ automatically makes its natural, right!? WRONG, these are mere marketing strategies. In fact, the FDA hasn’t officially defined “natural” yet, but it became one of the most popular phrases of 2011. Most products stating to be ‘all-natural’ removed chemical additives and threw a label on it which grew sales about 14% over the past 2 years.

Many more deceiving health foods are uncovered in this article I recently read on Fitbie. While, not all foods claiming to be healthy are playing the fool, but there are a lot of them. Some of these are a better choice when compared to the extreme, but as with most cases, read the labels! The best health food options are those that are not found in a box and come right from the garden or produce section. That’s right, fruits and vegetables. 

I had known about some of these misrepresentations, but was glad to find out about the others. I will have to read these labels more carefully. Have you fallen victim to these marketing ploys? Do you know of other products that are misleading? Please share, I would love to add to the list of ones to watch out for.

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