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October 06, 2017 - Posted by Sarah K
Are you planning to host or attend a party this summer? Fresh produce is usually on the list of items to get prepped for the party. Many items like watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, broccoli, carrots, etc. are most likely in a pre-cut package available for purchase at the grocery store. These pre-cut items already in serving trays can be very convenient when in a time crunch, but they may be draining your wallet a little more than expected. more...

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September 29, 2017 - Posted by Melissa
It’s my birthday today!! Woo hoo! That means I am definitely going to indulge in and enjoy the simple things in life! This doesn’t mean that I have to sabotage myself too! Am I going to have a piece of cake (or maybe two)? You bet I am! But with this healthier birthday cake recipe, I can have it and feel good about my decisions! I am also going to go on a celebratory run today to celebrate a new year for me! more...

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September 26, 2017 - Posted by Joanna
Earlier this year I bought an AeroGarden and I find it fascinating! It’s an indoor, countertop garden that uses LED lights and hydroponics to grow a variety of seeds at any time of the year. They range in price from about $80 to $400. The seeds that you can get depend on the type of AeroGarden (3, 6, 7, or 9 pods) and there is quite the variety of things to grow: lettuce, herbs, flowers (coleus, phlox, zinnia, petunias, violets to name a few), cherry tomatoes, hot peppers, sweet peppers, strawberries, and more. more...

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September 19, 2017 - Posted by Sarah K
Fact or Fiction: Health Coaches have it all figured out so they don’t need to set any wellness goals. more...

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September 15, 2017 - Posted by Kayla
Mexican food is a big hit in our house. Once a week we incorporate something along that food type into our dinners. One recipe that I am very thankful I came across was this All Purpose Chipotle Chicken recipe. The title is true; you can use it for everything! So far I have used the chicken for tacos, quesadillas, salads and burrito bowls. I recently used this recipe for a gathering I held at my house. Of the people that were invited, about 75% of them are picky eaters. All of said picky eaters enjoyed the way I prepared the chicken...Win! more...

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