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A real person answers the phone at Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, often in 5 seconds or less!

2019 Open Enrollment

When you join Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, you are joining part of a movement. You are selecting a health plan completely focused on the health of its members, not the pocketbooks of its stockholders or clinics. As a cooperative, every member has a voice in our organization and our board of directors is made up of members like you!


A Trip To The ER

Teladoc doctors diagnose non-emergency medical problems, recommend treatment, and can even call in a prescription.

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Service Area

Services are available in these counties, but may not be qualified in every county. Refer to the It’s Your Choice Decision Guide for details.

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State of Wisconsin Service Area Map

FrequentlyAsked Questions

Can I count on speaking with someone locally when I call you?

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Yes! When you call Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire, you will ALWAYS talk to a real person. We’re so focused on providing great service to our members that we often answer in less than five seconds! Great customer service doesn’t stop at answering the phone quickly. In fact, 95% of our members have their questions answered during their initial call.

May I see a list of your providers?

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The 2019 State of Wisconsin Employee Group Health Insurance Program Provider Listing will show you all of the providers guaranteed to be available to you throughout 2019. To see the most recent provider directory, including providers that have been added since the It’s Your Choice Open Enrollment, please see our full provider directory. For any questions regarding our network or providers, please call Member Services at (715) 552-4300 or (888) 203-7770.

Will our health care still be covered if we live outside the Cooperative's service area?

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Only emergency and urgent care visits are covered outside of the Cooperative provider network. Any follow-up care resulting from these visits requires you to utilize a provider within our network. Click here to see our service area.

Can I get dental coverage through my health plan?

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No. Dental coverage is now a uniform benefit available through Delta Dental. Visit the Employee Trust Fund’s website to learn more about your dental benefits and how to enroll in a plan.


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