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Call Provider Services for:
  • Patient Benefits, Coverage, or Eligibility
  • Patient Concerns
  • Claims Status
  • Billing and/or Payment Procedures
  • Medicaid Enrollment, Membership, Eligibility
  • Provider Login/Website Assistance
  • Electronic Billing
Provider Services

715-552-4333 or toll free 1-866-563-3020

Member Services

715-552-4300 or toll free 1-888-203-7770

Call Provider Relations for:
  • Information on joining our network
  • Contractual Arrangements such as fee schedules or reimbursement
  • Changes to your Tax ID, Office, Address, additional locations/clinics
Provider Relations

715-552-4300 or toll free 1-888-203-7770

Call Health Management for:
  • Service Event Authorizations (inpatient admissions, referrals, elective surgery, etc.)
  • Mental Health/AODA Questions or Authorizations
Health Management Department

715-552-7200 or toll free 1-800-218-1745
Fax Number: 715-552-7202

Call Credentialing for:
  • Adding a new practitioner
  • Checking on status of a credentialing application
Credentialing Department

715-552-4300 or toll free 1-888-203-7770