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Understanding Immunizations

Why Immunizations?

Immunizations are a regular part of routine health care for children. Since the introduction of immunizations to the United States over 50 years ago, our society has significantly benefited from large reductions in often-deadly childhood illnesses like polio and Hib.

For example, before the Hib vaccine was introduced in the 1980s, there were about 12,000 cases of bacterial meningitis reported annually for children under five years of age. In fact, in 2009, only 35 cases of bacterial meningitis were reported throughout the United States.

Since vaccinations have begun the number of bacterial meningitis in kids under five years old has dropped by almost 99%!

With such low incidents of these diseases in society today, parents often wonder if immunizations are still necessary and important. While no parent enjoys seeing their little one receiving shots, these immunizations continue to be an important way to protect our children.

Although the instance of many preventable diseases is very low in the United States today, they are still a very large issue in many other countries. The risk of many of these diseases is not gone – in fact it is only a plane ride away.

The Autism/Vaccine Myth

A commonly expressed fear by parents is based from a 1998 study authored by Andrew Wakefield. In a press conference following the study, he released results that claimed that he identified a link between the MMR vaccination and autism.

Since 1998, 14 additional studies around the world have been conducted that disproved the study that originally linked the MMR immunization with autism? None of these independent studies have found any scientific evidence that supports the theory of autism resulting from the MMR immunization in children.

It did not take the scientific community long to see the obvious flaws in Andrew Wakefield’s study. One major issue is that only children who had received the vaccine were included in the study. Without a non-vaccinated control group, the accuracy of the study findings was impossible to test. The journal that had originally published the article has retracted it as the many flaws of the study came to light.

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