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You might incur a charge for telehealth services depending on your coverage. For any questions about how your plan covers Teladoc consultations, please call Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire's Member Services department at (715) 552-4300 or (888) 203-7770.

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Teladoc gives you access to a doctor 24/7 through the convenience of your phone or video consults.


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24/7 Access to Care

This LOW COST option allows you to discuss your medical concerns with a doctor, and if necessary, receive a prescription.

Low Cost Alternative

ER costs add up. If you are considering an ER visit for a non-emergency issue, Teladoc may be a great alternative.

Provider Follow-Up

With your consent, Teladoc is happy to submit a report of your virtual appointment to your provider.

Teladoc doctors can treat many medical conditions

Teladoc doctors can treat many medical conditions including:

  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Bronchitis
  • Allergies
  • Poison ivy
  • Pink eye
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Respiratory infection
  • Sinus problems
  • Ear infection
  • and more!

How to Use Teladoc's Award-Winning App: A Short Tutorial

This four-minute video gives you an overview of how to use Teladoc's mobile app. This telehealth service is always LOW COST to our members!

Teladoc testimonials: when it works, you know!

Teladoc testimonials: when it works, you know!
  • I just wanted to let you know my family used the new Teladoc system for two of our children. We found it extremely beneficial to our family and wanted to give you this feedback. The system was so simple and really accommodating to our family.

    Andy W. | Cooperative Member
  • Every winter I unfortunately get a severe cold which usually develops into a sinus infection and bronchitis. This past February I was experiencing severe sinus congestion so I contacted Teladoc. I was working that day so asked if they could call me on my lunch. The doctor was very prompt in calling me back and discussed my symptoms and wrote me the necessary prescription. It was great to be able to not have to go in to urgent care or wait for a doctor's visit. I highly recommend this service.

    Edith J. | Cooperative Member
  • I wanted to let you know what an AWESOME benefit Teladoc is. I have had to use them three times in the last few months. They always called within 4-5 minutes. That was awesome to be able to talk with an actual doctor so quickly and have them listen to your issue. Better yet they were able to prescribe medicine and save me a trip to the doctor’s office that would have taken hours out of my days. I would recommend this service to everyone.

    Pamela N. | Cooperative Member
  • I had the symptoms of a cold/sinus infection and called Teledoc. I went through a series of questions and the staff at Teladoc said a doctor would call me back shortly. As I was finishing my request for an appointment, the doctor was already calling me. The Teledoc doctor asked about my symptoms and called in a prescription for me. He also stated if I wasn’t feeling better in a week to call back. After 8 days, I called Teladoc back. I was supposed to leave for a vacation and still wasn't feeling 100%. The doctor I spoke with felt it was necessary to prescribe a stronger medication. I was relieved that I could enjoy my vacation and not worry about being sick.

    Karen R. | Cooperative Member
  • Teladoc was amazing when my 2 year old daughter had a rash on her forearm. Her daycare provider was certain it was contagious and wouldn’t allow her back without seeing a doctor. My husband and I requested a call from Teladoc and uploaded pictures of her rash. Within 35-40 minutes we had a call back and a diagnosis – she wasn’t contagious! My daughter was at daycare on time and I didn’t miss any work! This visit would have taken at least 1 ½ hours at our local urgent care.

    Sara F. | Cooperative Member

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