preventive care guidelines

Below are preventive care guidelines available for you to download, print, and save.

Severe allergic reactions to vaccines are extremely rare. Only one child in a million has this type of reaction to immunizations. This type of severe reaction would occur within a few minutes to a few hours after the shot.

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As a parent, it's important to be informed about the health issues that are most important to you and your children. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to pick through the large amount of information online to find good, reputable sources you can trust.

Our staff of Health Management nurses put together the following list of reputable sources to help you get started in learning more about the safety of immunizations:

Safety of Immunizations

One of the large concerns parents have about immunizations is the potential of side effects. The most common mild side effect is soreness at the site of the shot. Very rarely a more serious side effect, such as a severe allergic reaction, can occur. Your doctor and clinic staff are trained to deal with these medical issues.

All parents should pay extra attention to your child for a few days after their immunizations. If you see something that concerns you, call your child's doctor.